Passionate Problem Solving

Our mission is to enable you to focus on your core idea and business and we take care of the rest.

Silicon Harbor Labs is a team of experienced technologists who solve business problems with next-generation technology. We fuse agile software development methodology with strategy, creativity, user experience design, and world-class partnerships.


Our team has published over 500 academic papers and has many patents. We have helped many major fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Accenture among many others.

We are driven to pursue new knowledge and experience, challenge ourselves, and continually seek improvement.

Technology Stacks

We seek out, learn, and implement only the best technologies including Java, Python, Unity, Angular, Spring, React, C++, Tensorflow, Hadoop, Theano, Caffe, Deeplearning4J, and many others.

We crave new technology so this list updates continuously!

Project and Research

We have considerable experience leading and managing projects of every size, complexity, and uncertainty.  We have a deep understanding of what works in making a project successful.

Our research includes deep learning, recurrent neural networks, convolutional neural networks and many others.

Bring Solutions to Reality

Next generation solutions require not only innovative technology but also innovation methods in order to bring those solutions to reality.   Our agilists identify and tailor specific agile software development methodologies best suited for each project and partner including Lean Start-up, Kanban, Scrum-ban, and Scrum.

This tailored agile approach is fused with leading edge strategic and creative techniques such as UI/UX design, automation, DEVOPs, and microservice based architectures.  This fused approach allows us to maximize innovations within project constraints, adapt within uncertainty, and continuously deliver value to our partners.

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