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Blockchain is About Value Networks

There is no doubt that Blockchain, in the past few years, has garnered ample hype. And at Silicon Harbor Labs, it is certainly one of our most treasured areas of expertise. Quite a few of our highly innovative solutions rely on the potential and promise of...

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Why Being Agile Isn’t Enough…

Let’s get this straight. Being Agile is an essential piece of the puzzle when you’re looking to develop innovative software solutions. But it’s just ONE piece of the puzzle. We at Silicon Harbor Labs believe that there’s more to effective innovation than...

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What Makes Scrum Teams So Effective?

Let's get right into the meat of the subject today and ask ourselves the million-dollar question...What exactly does it take to create highly-innovative software products? So... what's your answer? Lots of ideas? An extremely motivated team? Specialized...

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When Should You Choose Scrum as a Service?

There's no doubt surrounding the fact that Scrum as a Service is a unique and effectual approach to software development. But how can you know if this is exactly what you're looking for? And more precisely, under what circumstances is Scrum as a...

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