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The GNEISS Revolution is happening faster than ever anticipated – all because of this innovative partnership with an industry expert.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., U.S.A. – Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service (GNEISS) is changing their relationship status – they’re in agreement and sprinting with official development partner Silicon Harbor Labs (SHL). The new partnership is fueled by not only innate, collaborative spirit, but also a uniquely-passionate drive to bring additional capabilities to the GNEISS platform faster and more efficiently than ever imagined.

In doing so, the GNEISS revolution – an ironic expression coined by GNEISS Founder Michael Morton – begins; and the brave vision of GNEISS as a lifetime financial assistant becomes more of a reality in 2018. What also becomes more of a reality? Global financial freedom for those who want it, all powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Since 2016, GNEISS has been generating blockchain waves as one of the freshest and boldest faces in the financial world’s most volatile conversations. That momentum is something special as SHL’s Founder and President, Wayne Scholar, noted. “We’re excited to work with GNEISS,” Scholar shared. “They’re a team really driven to make things happen.”

SHL is the real deal, serving as a trusted, end-to-end partner of blockchain solutions. Their industry expertise in and thought leadership on blockchain technologies can make a wide range of solutions possible including (but not limited to) Smart Contracts, Public and Private blockchains, Risk and Compliance solutions, Peer to peer transactions, Fraud reduction, intellectual property protection and most of all creating value networks.

A bird’s eye view of the official agreement between SHL and GNEISS looks like this: harness SHL’s experience, agile product methodology, and technical sophistication with the GNEISS team’s market knowledge and enthusiastic, entrepreneurial vision.

GNEISS Founder and CEO, Michael Morton, who is also President of Morton Bitcoin Management has touted GNEISS’s potential power from the get-go; now with a strong, industry expert serving as a development partner, he recognizes that even more is possible – including an increasing array of crypto-backed financial products and digital solutions on a secure, unified platform.

“There’s no doubt that GNEISS will bring into existence an open, free, and accessible market powered by blockchain technology,” Morton said. “It will put the power of Wall Street into the people’s hands where it should be. This collaboration will make that possible faster, and, if that’s the case, we’re excited for more ongoing projects with Silicon Harbor Labs.”

GNEISS TRUTH This is it: Unlock the power of the blockchain; take control of your financial freedom. GNEISS is the first functioning peer-to-peer blockchain platform that allows the creation of any financial contract middleman-free by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. GNEISS can do everything financial marketplaces can do – only better, cheaper, faster, and more securely. Welcome to the GNEISS Revolution. Learn more:

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