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Let’s get right into the meat of the subject today and ask ourselves the million-dollar question…What exactly does it take to create highly-innovative software products?
So… what’s your answer? Lots of ideas? An extremely motivated team? Specialized expertise? Or just pure luck? And more importantly, is it possible to boil the answer down to a few key characteristics that have a huge impact on the innovation process?

Our answer? Yes.

In fact, there are three precise factors that are absolutely crucial to any innovation process and conspicuously enough, all three of them, are related to the quality of the team that’s in charge of the project. These are also the 3 main qualities that make Scrum teams unbeatable at the game of innovation.

So… what are they?

  1. Expertise
  2. Team Cohesion
  3. Customer-First Attitude

Together, these characteristics form the Triangle of Innovation.

Looking for a world-class Scrum team that’s ready to help you turn your vision into high-quality working software? Let’s talk.

Now, let’s dive into the details of each one of these characteristics…

1. Expertise

The development of highly innovative software products, by definition, indicates the need for a significant degree of advancement in terms of what the software is capable of doing, and this calls for a higher echelon of creativity.

Significant advancements in innovation are only achieved with the right tools. And one of the essential tools is highly-specialized, cutting-edge expertise.

But that’s not all. You see, having expertise in a single domain isn’t always the best bet if when you’re looking to create astoundingly innovative solutions.

Groundbreaking innovations often emerge from the amalgamation of ideas from multiple areas of expertise.

In essence, a high-level of expertise in a singular domain is like a robust pillar that will stand strong on its own. But as we know all too well, a single pillar isn’t enough to support the entire weight of a complex structure.

In order to build a structure of jaw-dropping beauty and complexity, other equally strong pillars are not just sought after, they are needed.

The Scrum as a Service approach helps illustrate this metaphor perfectly.

Scrum teams are composed of highly-specialized individuals, pillars of knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. And it’s the combination of these incredible minds that helps facilitate the rapid development of highly-innovative solutions.

2. Cohesion

Teamwork and collaboration are often underrated. Great things have always been accomplished not by individuals, but by groups of people.

And this is a trait that truly sets Scrum teams apart. Great Scrum teams are in a league of their own, not because of their level of expertise, knowledge is of great importance, but it isn’t always what you need to get to the other side.

What’s even more important than knowledge, is the nature and efficiency of the team. Simply put, team cohesion is what helps teams leverage their expertise and work towards the rapid development of their products.

The multi-faceted nature of Scrum teams makes them incredible at thinking outside the box, and this is arguably the most important trait a team needs to have when it comes to software innovation.

Great Scrum teams display incredible levels of intellectual, interpersonal and functional compatibilities.

Not only do these traits make them machines in the cutting-edge innovation process, but they also make Scrum teams incredibly fun to work with.

3. Customer-First Attitude

One of the most alluring characteristics of the Scrum as a Service approach is the fact that both the client and the Scrum team have aligned incentives. Both parties work together towards achieving the same goal: the development of a successful and highly-innovative software product.

Scrum teams prioritize the continuous delivery of working software and client satisfaction above everything else. Every single meeting, every single process, every single task is geared towards helping the client turn his vision into an exceptional software product.

Clients are an integral part of the Scrum development process and Teams pride themselves on their transparency and their dedication towards guiding clients through a seamless development process.

Another important characteristic that often goes unnoticed is a Scrum team’s honesty. Scrum teams consider it their duty and their privilege to let you know when you seem to be straying down the wrong path.

Team members constantly ensure that you’re on board with everything that’s happening and that you have an accurate understanding of the risks involved in every aspect of the development process.

In short, Scrum teams, when hired, become an actual extension of the client’s company. Team members are not only totally immersed and invested in the success of the client’s product, but they also make it their job to treat the client’s problems like their problems.

Looking for a world-class Scrum team that’s ready to help you turn your vision into high-quality working software? Let’s talk.

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