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Let’s get this straight. Being Agile is an essential piece of the puzzle when you’re looking to develop innovative software solutions. But it’s just ONE piece of the puzzle. We at Silicon Harbor Labs believe that there’s more to effective innovation than merely adopting the Agile philosophy.

In fact, we believe that there are certain characteristics that make some innovative software development teams significantly more effective than others at creating remarkable software solutions on a consistent basis. Our goal in this post is to list these key factors which also make our Scrum as a Service model one of its kind.

There are 3 characteristics that need to be mentioned… 3 essential ingredients that have helped us create a bulletproof model for building leading-edge software solutions. And they are as follows:

  1. A Multi-Layered Management Approach
  2. Speed to Market & Innovation
  3. Team Attributes

1. A Multi-Layered Management Approach

The problem with most software development companies is the lack of visibility. And this can often be directly correlated to the absence of a system that allows teams to effectively manage projects on all levels.

Multi-Layered ManagementOur solution? Having a triple-layered management structure for each individual product. (We call these ‘layers’ of management due to their similarity to the layers of an onion.)

So, three layers (click here to learn more)…

  • Product Management: The highest level of management designed to manage the entire product lifecycle.
  • Release Management:  The secondary level of management that helps our Scrum teams define the direction of a single release.
  • Sprint Management: The third and smallest level of management that is dedicated to the effective execution of a single sprint.

This management system is the predominant structure that has played a paramount role in helping us create and maintain a more visible and efficient development process.

2. Speed to Market & Innovation

The basic idea of iterative development is to produce a piece of working software at the end of each iteration. This in itself proves to be hugely beneficial since the client gets a working and demonstrable piece of software at the end of each iteration. Basically something to build off of. But at Silicon Harbor Labs, that’s not enough. We like taking things to the next level…

You see, our Scrum teams not only help you adapt to changes at a rapid pace and come up with a working and demonstrable piece of software at the end of each iteration, but they also help you maximize innovation within each of these time-boxed iterations. And how exactly do they manage to do this on a consistent basis? The answer is two-fold: speed and agility.

Clients are often impressed by our teams’ ability to rapidly recognize and adapt to their needs. This helps them develop innovative solutions at a considerably faster pace, hence accelerating the overall time to market.

3. Team Attributes

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, it’s all about whether or not your team manages to get the job done. Everything else is noise, plain and simple.

At Silicon Harbor Labs, our Scrum as a Service model provides clients with Scrum teams that display an array of vital qualities that truly set them apart from the average software development team. In fact, we firmly believe that each and every one of these attributes is a game changer when it comes to the development of innovative solutions.


Agile software development companies often market themselves in all sorts of ways. But we understand that words are cheap, and expertise is something that cannot be faked. Instead, we choose to let our work do the talking. It is our unshaken belief that the competence and expertise of our Scrum teams speaks for itself.

Anyways, so what exactly are our key areas of expertise?

At Silicon Harbor Labs, our areas of expertise include BlockChain, Data Science, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and MicroServices. And our Scrum teams have been well-known for their uncanny ability to turn mere ideas and concepts into working and demonstrable software solutions using cutting-edge technology in these highly-specialized domains.

Want to know more about how we can help you turn your ideas into reality? Click here to book a call and speak with us.


Clients often tell us how things get exponentially simplified during challenging situations when our team members are able to draw from their experience and make the right calls at the right times. The mark of an experienced team is the ability to perform gracefully under pressure.

But that’s not all. We at Silicon Harbor Labs have come to discover that there’s another subtle characteristic that often powers our teams through any roadblocks and challenges that arise during their innovative endeavors. And this characteristic, is their collective experience.

You see, the experts in our seasoned Scrum teams have developed a profound understanding of each individual’s strengths and how leveraging these strengths could help them produce an outcome that’s consistently greater than the sum of its parts. This deep understanding has not only sparked team cohesion, but it has also helped them achieve superior proficiency in developing highly-innovative software solutions time and time again.

Strategic Insights

Clients are often in need of a strategic partner who would go beyond the transactional and technical aspect of the relationship. We understand this and serve as a strategic backbone that guides clients through the process and helps them make decisions which could end up saving them a lot of time and resources.

Our Scrum teams constantly help clients gain critical insights that allow them to gain clarity, set their priorities straight, and focus on what matters the most i.e. the rapid development of a successful product.

Client-First Approach

This is definitely a trait that might sound cliché to the innocent reader, but we’ve decided to stick with it since it’s arguably the most important trait of all. Our Scrum teams’ ability to be genuinely sensitive to a company’s needs and requirements has helped us develop quite a few amazing relationships with some of our clients.


The importance of this last trait is often underestimated. But think about it, the very definition of Agility implies the ability to adapt rapidly to changes. And how can you actually make changes and develop a successful product if your development team isn’t able to push back on some of the things that could take you down the wrong path?

Our Agile teams are brutally honest when the situation calls for it. And their unbridled candor not only reassures our clients and lets them know that they are in good hands, but it also provides the necessary tension required to innovate effectively, and at a swift pace.

So, we hope that this give you a gist of what we’re all about. Our Scrum as a Service model has helped our clients rapidly turn their ideas and concepts into working, demonstrable software. And we’d love to help you do the same.

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