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Excellence. It’s is not just a requirement at Silicon Harbor Labs, it’s a habit.

Multi-Layered Management

Our multi-layered management approach allows us to accurately assess and manage projects on all levels.

Scrum as a Service

We provide an integrated, end-to-end solution that helps your business scale faster, innovate with agility, and maximize ROI.

Product Management and Execution

Our product management and execution team manages the entire product lifecycle that spans all the planned releases for the value stream. More specifically, we work with you to define the scope and strategic approaches for the value stream.

Key tasks:

  • Managing the Product Vision and Product Sheet
  • Drafting the Project Charter
  • Defining Operational Scenarios
  • Managing the Product Backlog
  • Executing the Product Roadmap
  • Verifying the Product Conditions of Satisfaction

Release Management and Execution

This secondary level of management helps us define the direction and execution of a single release for each individual project value stream.

Key tasks:

  • Conducting the Release Planning Session
  • Managing the Release Backlog
  • Executing the Release Plan/ Roadmap
  • Performing the Release Demonstration
  • Verifying the Release Conditions of Satisfaction

Sprint Management and Execution

This final layer of management is dedicated to a single sprint. The overall sprint direction will be under your authority and the tactical (daily) management and execution of the sprint will be under the direction of the Technical Lead.

Key Tasks:

  • Conducting the Sprint Planning Session
  • Executing the Sprint Backlog
  • Conducting the Sprint Demonstration

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